Our Story

My name is Jewly Fleuristil and I am the Founder and CEO of La Kwa LLC. I was born on the island of Gonaives, Haiti and immigrated to the United States at the age of 5. Since then, I have resided primarily in the beautiful state of Florida. Apart from running this amazing company, I am also a Fashion Model.

The idea for La Kwa was brought to me by God. La Kwa is a phrase in Kreyol (Haitian Creole) that translates to The Cross. My mission with this brand is to share my Faith, Culture and inspire Hope. Starting with candles, I wanted to create a line of products that are sustainable, eco-friendly and of quality. 

Candle making is an intricate process that requires specific measurements, temperatures, and techniques to create quality candles. Hand-pouring allows us to monitor each stage for the best results. Thus, creating recipes we are proud of.

Lighting a candle is a mood changer. It’s like pouring a glass of wine after a long day. Creating an ambiance for a party of one, Soirée,or Fete. 

Beautiful Blessings <3

Jewly Fleuristil